Friday, August 8, 2014

The beginning and a continuation of past

I have lived in small apartments, tents and sailboats. I have also lived in MacMansions. Living in a small space is more comfortable for me. This starts the adventure and creation of MooseVilla, my tiny house on wheels that will be my home and research facility. 

I am currently a second year PhD student at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan studying Moose Ecology. Once I complete my degree, my home and I will be located somewhere in the frozen north working and studying moose. I invite you all to follow the journey as we construct my home and research platform. Prior to returning to school, I was a self-employed laboratory scientist and a professional wildlife photographer. It was my work with wildlife that encouraged me to return to school to pursue my passion for moose. I am not young like most students but my passion has not died with my advancing age. I am currently 58 years old. 

Come with me as we study moose and build my home.

 Bull moose in Jasper, Alberta Canada; photograph copyright Moose Henderson

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