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Basic composting toilets; Part 1-The toilet 

Basic composting toilets; Part 2-Composting media  


  1. The idea of "living off the grid" is intriguing to me. How much did you have to invest to build your tiny house and make it comfortable to live in? For me, I would like to live off the grid, but I don't want to give up certain "comforts" such as electricity. I understand it's possible to use either solar power or gas/propane electric generators. How much would you estimate it costs per month to live in a tiny house like yours?

  2. Hello Chris, the total cost for my home was 27,000 but I made a few mistakes. I could repeat my build for 24,000 with my new knowledge. I use high end materials and I use all new materials. Many have built much cheaper using reclaimed materials such as from Habitat for Humanity Restore shop. My monthly cost for living is $125.00 not including food. Most of this is propane that I use to heat my home because I live a few miles from the Canadian border. My cost during the summer will be approximately $25 per month.